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The Friends of the Trails, Inc. is excited once again to present a sponsorship opportunity for

our annual Tour of the Wichitas bike ride. Since our first ride in the late 1970’s, the Tour of

the Wichitas has been actively involved in promoting beautiful and safe places to walk, run

and ride, and furthering the sport of bicycling in southwestern Oklahoma.

The Tour of the Wichitas continues to be the premier cycling event in the Lawton Fort Sill

community, showcasing the rugged beauty of the Wichita Mountains and the unmatched

friendliness and diversity of our residents. This year we have once again partnered with Fort

Sill to allow our riders to pass through the gates on the various routes without the need to

stop and show a pass or identification. These scenic and challenging routes bring in bicyclists

throughout the region, from Kansas to south Texas, reinforcing a positive image for our

community and spurring economic development.

We truly appreciate your commitment to the Friends of the Trails, Inc., and all the events and

programs we sponsor. We are requesting that you or your business commit to a sponsorship

for the 2017 event. I have enclosed the sponsorship agreement that explains the sponsorship

levels and the benefits. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any

member of the Friends of the Trails.

We look forward to the support of your organization.


Lon Parks, President

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